Brave Wings Therapy
Naomi Sutton and Jennifer Moore


“With brave wings they fly.”


Brave Wings Therapy is a pediatric practice specializing in Speech Therapy and OT services. Our therapists are highly trained in PROMPT, SOS Approach to Feeding, Talk Tools/Oral Placement Therapy, TOTs/Myofunctional Therapy, AAC, and Voice Therapy


Helping your child make meaningful gains!

We use an eclectic approach to treatment by utilizing multiple techniques to meet the child’s needs. Each child’s treatment plan is unique and individualized. Parents are actively involved in the treatment process. Our practice uses a collaborative model to address the child’s sensory, speech/language, and motor needs. Our therapy sessions are interactive and fun!

We offer 1:1 treatment, small groups, evaluations, consultations, and parent training.


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1211 Hamburg Turnpike, Suite 224, Wayne NJ 07470

Office Hours

Monday : 9am–7pm
Tuesday : 9am–7pm
Wednesday : 9am–7pm
Thursday : 9am–7pm
Friday : 9am-2pm
Saturday: 9am-1pm

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Does you child struggle with any of the following?

If so, click the link below to get more information and ask any questions via our contact page.


Sound Production


Receptive Language (Comprehension)

Tongue Thrust Remediation

Speech Clarity

Conversation Skills

Skills for Eating and Drinking

Pre and Post Op TOTs (Tongue Tie)

Motor Planning for Speech

Verbal Expression

Oral Motor Skills


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Use the form below or our contact us via phone 973-800-8515 regarding any questions you may have. If you’re looking for a specific service and haven’t found it on the services page mention it below and we’ll get back to you.

Visit our booking page if you want to book an appointment and visit our insurance page for insurance information.

Note: We only do in-office or school therapy sessions.

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Recipients of NJ’s Favorite Kid’s Docs for 2019

Recipients of NJ’s Favorite Kid’s Docs for 2019